Capital One Sucks

I am trying to pay my Capital One bill using their web site. For the past four hours, the credit card account site has been unavailable, but I am directed to their 800 number. I call the 800 number, and discover two very important things:

  1. You can’t reach a human on their 800 number, 800-955-7070
  2. To pay an account balance using a check over the phone, you have to pay an extra $10 fee. WTF?

So, because the Capital One technical staff can’t keep their web service up and running, I have to pay an extra $10 fee?!? And I can’t reach anyone to complain about it.Capital One sucks.

I’m not the only person who thinks that Capital One Sucks:


  1. Capital One is the biggest conglomerate of crooks on planet Earth. They are morally bankrupt and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for fraudulent late fees on my account, which I have requested to be closed. To begin with, I never even activated the card and was charged a $45 application fee (more crooked charges). Was pre-approved for a $500 credit limit and when the card arrived it was only a $300 credit limit (WTF?!?!?!). I have immaculate credit and a high credit score. So I agree with you that Capital One sucks and they are NOT in my wallet and never will be again!

  2. Capital One is so irresponsible that they can’t stop themselves from attempting to contact the dead!

    My partner died two months ago and I dutifully informed CO of his passing, explained that there was no money in the estate to pay them, but told them we would be going through probate and that they would be contacted by the lawyer etc.

    They’re still calling – sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

    When they call, they ask for the dead person – by name – do they think he’ll resurrect himself to answer the phone?

    I’ve talked to people at every level up to Sr. Acct. Mgrs.

    Would YOU trust a company that can’t stop itself from calling dead people over and over and over again?

    Does CO have any decency whatsoever?

  3. I made the mistake of opening a bank account at Capital One and do I ever regret it! Today, I discovered that I was overdrawn because my paycheck had bounced. Very curious, since I’ve been depositing the same check,weekly for a long time. Of course, the bank my check was drawn on immediately proved that they had honored and paid the check. Capital One representatives have given me the run around and one local branch manager was extremely rude and confrontational with me. There has been no solution and I still don’t have my money. Also, an elderly friend of mine is wondering why she keeps making large payments on her credit card with them, yet her balance increases! Capital One is evil.

  4. I worked for capital one, or should i say crapital one. I quit because the system seems like it just wants customers money…39 dollars if u are late for min payment… being late means you are having trouble paying..instead of helping, lets make customers pay more and not only that, 29 dollars PLUS finance charges!!

  5. Capital One processed a $5k check for $8K. So they stole three thousand dollars and will not give the money back. Multiple contacts and excuses but not money for 3 months.

  6. Mary, You should file a complaint with your bank. IANAL, but it seems that the bank should not be honoring a request to get money out of your checking account for any amount other than what you approved on your check. Fraud seems likely here.

    I’d also suggest closing your Capital One account, you’d think they would have to refund you any balance on your account if the card is closed.

  7. I had a Capitol One credit card (my first one might I add). I was making all my payments on time and the amount was always 25% more then the payment due. Then, one month I mailed out the check as I always did, and 2 weeks later I received a missed payment notice. I called my bank to request a copy of the check. Turns out that they cashed it 2 days after it was mailed out. I called them numerous times to try to clear everything up, but all I received was insults. Finally, I contacted the BBB and reported them. Meanwhile, my late fees are piling up because I refused to send them any more payments until they found the check that they cashed and applied it to my account. After the BBB was contacted, they cleared up all the fees and apologized. Two months later, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!! I cannot win with this company and refuse to send them another dime. Now I am in debt with them almost $800.00. Mind you, the card limit was only $300… Unreal…

  8. I too have had a capitalone card for over 4 years. I have NEVER missed a payment, nor have I ever been overdrawn. Well, just like many others here, they’ve left me a $500 credit line for 4 years and refused to increase it when I requested! Obviously, it showed how crappy capitalone is and that they are NOT concerned with building ANY relationships at all.

    Before I finish I want to mention my Beacon/FICO score is also 700+ like some others. So this isn’t like i’m some deadbeat so that isn’t any excuse for capitalone either.

    Anyway, the cream of the crop is this, I too was told to apply for a different capitalone card and i’d probably get a higher credit line. So I did so, I ended up with a LOWER CREDIT line and called to cancel that OLD account (since the interest rate was higher) and simply match my old PERFECT STANDINJG ACCOUNT a Measly couple hundred dollars, just to show good faith for my perfect history and as long as i’ve been with them.

    And after all, it’s still a capitalone account so the relationship is with the same bank so who cares, I closed the other account out ANYWAY! Well get this, I call and speak to a Supervisor who sounds as slow and “LD” as the other reps. He proceeds to speak like a robot and tells me capitalone reviews accounts periodcally…BLAH BLAH BLAH…I said shut your piehole you LD SOB. I’m thru with Capitalone…..cancel my new account and I’ll never do business with you again.
    They did me a favor…..reading all these posts did me a FAVOR…I have a citibank card with 10 times the creditline, an extremely low interest rate, and SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE…citibank really puts capitalone to SHAME… Capitalone really does suck.

    They lost a guy who had been with them for years, who NEVER had an OD fee or a late fee, who made their payments on time and who used their card all the time….not anymore and NEVER AGAIN…capitalone totally, totally SUCKS.

  9. I have been a capitol one customer for over a year and a half. I pay my card if full every month only to have my payment placed on hold for 10 days or more. The payment clears my bank in 2 days wtf. I don’t understand what they do with my money for 6 days. Talking to there customer service reps is like I need a translator and never get the respect I deserve. I am sick of all the wasted time and ready to dump this POS card. No Hassel my ass.

  10. What’s in your wallet… Credit Card Fraud

    Some things I’ve learned about CapitalOne’s fraud protection “guarantee” while trying to clear up fraudulent charges on my account:

    1) When you file a fraud charge CapOne will immediately cancel your account and issue you new cards (makes sense). However, if any charges are sent through on the OLD account, they will honor them if they are from a vendor you’ve used in the past. That means, if the thief re-orders 800 pounds of cellulose cream from the same company she used the first time, even using your old, stolen card, CapOne will accept those charges, then make you file another fraud claim.

    2) CapOne makes no efforts to block or otherwise shut off future charges from companies that are proven to be fraudulent. CapOne instructed me to call the company submitting fraudulent charges, give them not only my old, canceled account number but also my new, active card number, and ask them (nicely) to stop charging anything on this card. When I asked the agent if she thought that was good plan, she said “not really, but we don’t contact merchants on a customer’s behalf.”

    3) CapOne will close a fraud investigation and send you a letter saying everything is OK, then months later reapply fraudulent charges and hold you responsible for them, even if the account is completely closed. Closed accounts, of course, have no internet access to statements or details, so there is no way to see what the charges are or even to pay them (if that’s your choice). Interest will accrue, however, until the account is cleared.

    And my favorite…

    4) CapOne customer service and the fraud dept will not help you once a fraud investigator has been assigned to a case. All communication must go through that person. And CapOne will not tell you who that person is so that you can proactively communicate.

    The FBI estimates that one in four Americans will be the victim of identity theft each year, and that over 85% of those will involve credit card fraud. CapOne is NOT the company you want to be dealing with during that time in your life. If you don’t have an account with them, don’t get one. If you have one, close it and go with another bank.

  11. I just found a past due fee on my statement. After reveiwing my payment history to make sure that I had not been late (5 payments in 3 months), I called to question the charge. I was informed that unless a payement is made within a specific time period by the online method, all payments are considered to be for that pay cycle only. So now we have to track the time frame for submitting payments to make sure they get credited to the correct payment month! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The best they could do to help settle my dissatisfaction was to submit a request to have the fee reversed, and I could call back in 5 business days to see if they would do it. Here’s a thought – I’ll pay the card off and close the account. In a day and age when someone can afford to pay ahead, they deserve the mess they’re going to get by screwing the people who can pay.

  12. Yeah, they suck bad. I’ve had 3 of their cards. All 3 are on auto-pay from my checking account every month to avoid over-the-limit and late fees. They still find ways to dick me around. SOB’s. I’ve been with Chase(Southwest Airlines) for years and have loved them, I just can’t use all my rewards up before they expire. A buddy told me he loved his Capitol One card and I should check them out. Well I checked ’em out and they SUCK. SOB’s.

  13. Here’s a copy of my correspondence today to Capital One after being a good customer for over 10 years:

    Dear Capital One,

    Today I closed both of my Capital One accounts. I choose to close these because Capital One refused to wave a small membership fee. I have been a loyal customer in good standing for many years. This is the thank you I receive for all those years?

    The US federal interest rate as of December 12 2008 is now almost 0, but Capital One is still trying to be greedy and overcharge their customers. Perhaps when you are all standing in the unemployment lines, you may reconsider. The bad news is then it will be too late.

    I am so pissed off at your company that I may completely stop paying you any more money. I do not care what you do to my credit rating. Take my balance and go ask the government for a bailout like the rest of the companies with their greed that got this country into this mess.

    How does that sound for customer service? This customer reverse servicing you where the sun does not shine!

  14. THEY SUCK. they are the most worthless bunch of idiots I have ever delt wtih. Not only did they send me 4 different cards to old addresses. I contacted the onbudsman and they told me. how deliquent I was in the mean time. I have more than enough money to deal with my bills. they just suck. OH and how many times did the line get cut off.

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